The screen is clear, sharp, and does a good job reproducing colors like that in the iPaq The navigation button is slightly raised from the main body of the device and has a nice rolling action that sends the cursor in eight directions and makes selections if depressed. The A experienced improvements with the transflective screen and Bluetooth support, but some features got worth scaring away first model users. It features poor settings compared with similar programs, but it doesn’t fail to perform its main functions. Cleverly, if you have Smartkeeper set to operate automatically it will perform a backup when the battery threshold is reached whether the A is powered on or off — providing there is a CF card with at least 64MB of free space in place. You agree to receive updates, alerts and promotions from CBS and that CBS may share information about you with our marketing partners so that they may contact you by email or otherwise about their products or services. Looking for a tech bargain real soon?

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I found the design too angular, the model lost hardly perceptible smooth lines of the MyPal A HP Enterprise Handheld The A has a meatier specification, and debuts at a somewhat lower price than its predecessor. One is the power switch, the other an activator for the Voice Recorder application which, like the asus mypal a core Pocket PC applications, makes the transition from the to versions.


At poket screen brightness and Bluetooth off the handheld was good for hours playing games a record figure! Asus has opted to equip the MyPal with an internal CompactFlash slot rather than the SD slot seen in the previous model.

Only fresh PDA users might use it at the first time. Battery Run Time Up To.

A notch above expectation. In all, it docks the handheld firm. Like the new OS itself, the MyPal is hardly revolutionary, but for anyone who wants to be at the forefront of the Pocket PC asus mypal a, it offers the latest software and good hardware features for a very reasonable price.

Asus MyPal A Review | ZDNet

Asus has added three utilities to the standard Windows Mobile suite to help increase the MyPal A’s ;c. The platform index describes total Pocket PC platform speed including the built-in applications Asus still leading. Windows Mobile Premium Edition Processor: The software can do this on command or automatically when battery power reaches a preset low level. Amazon Fire TV Cube review: Cyber Monday edition Which iPad you should buy: Have something to add?!

As usual we tested graphics with PocketQuake game in the mute mode turn the sound off by nosound 1 console command leaving other settings on.

The handheld by Asus wins performance tests and enjoys better time of the off-line work. We rather liked it, albeit with some reservations. The first, the MyPal A was pleasantly small, light and thin, and performed well for its price. The A slightly breaks away. It’s what Asus calls a ‘semi-transflective’ x620 that performs well in a range of lighting conditions. Besides the sides lack control elements.



This is good news for fans of very high-capacity external storage, and you’ll also be able to add both A series of tabbed menus allow you to make various system changes. The cradle is included in the standard kit. Looking for a tech bargain real soon? We used the SPB Benchmark package to test the productivity.

You can choose either all data or just PIM data, but that’s about as flexible as the program gets. Asus Backup allows you to manually create separate data backups to Compact Flash cards. Its hardware design and specification are both fairly standard, although the price is attractive.

The stylus is made of plastic and has an average weight. Expansion and Connectivity Expansion Slots. The brightness level allows you to read with the minimum backlight in the dark.

Performance Anything that helps you get more out of the battery should be welcome. Well, Asus A turned to be the leader, though the gap is insignificant, not to mention invisible speed difference.