It’s not a problem for me because my closet has dedicated zone cooling. Even in idle or low volumes and not exactly a huge room. Big BBB is offline. After I returned the unit to Audio Art, I requested if they had a 4 channel unit for me to try? I’m also feeding both amps full power as recommended.

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What did you buy? Surprised the series gets hot, those heatsinks are huge. Kessler used Thermaltrak output devices for the series.

ATI RADEON X600 – graphics card – Radeon X600 – 128 MB

Multiple units can be turned on without tripping circuit breakers eliminating the need for sequencing. Originally 600 by Perfectionist2. I work for ATI. If there series is anything like there series you can’t loose. Big one feeds 4ch, sm feed 3ch. Originally Posted by Tripitz.

ATI x Series Amplifiers – AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

I found got hot. Now with only 2 boxes in facing me with the pair of speakers, my exercise to de-clutter my man cave looks pretty good.

The sound is fantastic, the amp gives the ‘s all they need, and then some. Otherwise, the bass dives just as deep, and transients just as quick as the ATI Signature.


I pray to god that it sounds good too! When I said they were hot i meant that they get very warm to the touch but not truly hot.

ATI 6004 Signature Power Amp

I can run them all day and they barely get warm. The ATI rocks and does not get warm. I should have the necessary outlets installed in the next few days. Last edited by doublewing11; at They are still modular with the complete amplifier including the power supply parts on a single card, but now the AC components are on one edge of the board and away from the signal input. It’s a basement home theater so it’s not to hard to run the electrical with a suspended ceiling outside of the theater.

Any feedback greatly appreciated!

I reviewed about the ATI Signature power amp just a few months ago. Even in idle or low volumes and not exactly a huge room. As an amplifier designed to play loud in a multi channel HT environment, the ATI was actually pretty good at stereo reproduction of music too.

Anyone know of this. As you may recall, the ATI X Signature series are built from modular amp boards, designed to be slotted in to one amp chassis between 2 and 7 channels to suit HT system configurations.


Also I wonder with modules right against each other increases each other. These amplifiers use a revised PCB layout. Originally Posted by Stereojeff.

Guided by legendary amplifier designer Morris Kessler, ATI offers both performance and value in audio components. I have it driving my Dali Epicon 6’s and Vokel. I plan to hook up the amp for the 7 main channels, and use the Denon for the heights 7.

White flush inspection hatch x mm

The mid range reproduces thick, full bodied male vocals much like most tube amps can, and will also give sultry female vocal performance when the recording calls for it. Then in the operating manual it states that 2 independent circuits should be used. I thought it said that the should have each cord plugged into a 20 amp outlet as to not zti voltage sag.

Music is the goal here, not movies.