Please contact CES Fortemedia. Building-in kBytes on-chip memory with automatic voice buffer scheme, iM can truly achieve multiple voice-trigger engines, smart microphone controls, and a minimum of 3 seconds of voice buffer, largely improving both human-to-machine and human-to-human voice communications. In addition to providing a superior voice experience during phone calls, for all Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge models Fortemedia provides the enabling voice processing technology for the S6’s innovative multi-media voice recording features. This announcement gives our customers greater flexibility to apply Fortemedia’s leading-edge voice processing solutions across their product range. For more information, please visit http:

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The patent-pending solution will also provide multi-channel acoustic echo cancellation AEC and suppress room ambient reverberation; all these contribute to significant voice command accuracy improvement.

Edinburgh, UK, 6th November – Wolfson Microelectronics plc, a global leader in the design and development of mixed-signal semiconductor devices and audio solutions for consumer electronic products, and Fortemedia Inc. Additionally, using the multiple microphones to establish a voice pick up zone that is remote from the device, AMAP provides improved speech recognition for hands-free consumer devices of all types – mobile phones, tablets, PCs, auto infotainment systems, wearable devices, gaming and TV systems.

ForteMedia — Listen and Sound Better. Anywhere!

The high performance Acoustic Echo Cancellation fotremedia the FM also makes it suitable for other hands-free voice applications such as VoIP and conferencing products. Consumers having hands-free voice conference calls, video-chats, or in-vehicle telephone calls enjoy natural and full-duplex conversations. Fortemedia is the industry leader in voice processing technology. With the lowest power consumption 18mW and smallest footprint 6. Allows development of specialized audio and voice processing features such as dual user “interview” mode or “desktop speakerphone” mode with multiple users.

Learn more at www. With increasing demand for Fortemedia’s voice processing solutions by the leading handset makers on their signature phones, we will continue to innovate and partner with companies like Coolpad to deliver superior solutions to the marketplace” “This is our first smartphone launch in US market and we want to make sure we serve our mobile customers in audip best possible way,” said Mr.


Fortemedia voice processors incorporate Small Array Microphone SAMwith advanced patented voice processing technologies, helps to improve talking and listening clarities resulting in enhanced user experience for voice-enabled communication devices.

Differing from broadside array microphone, SAM’s unique cone shaped beam can effectively suppress ambient interferers and noises from typing, hard disk or optical drive spinning and notebook fan. The success of its mobile communications business was spun off and is now known as Compal Communications The result is a pure and clear full duplex conversation with superior voice quality for mobile communications and voice search applications.

These speakers shared prestigious fortemedja in voice technology and market information along with unprecedented demonstrations in voice applications to audience. October 27, – Fortemedia Inc. Fortemexia Reduction on uplink and downlink signals Full-duplex echo-free communication Bright Voice Enhancement BVE to provide intelligent equalization on loudspeaker output for enhancing caller audip experience Distortion free and natural sounding voice Wideband voice processing for emerging mobile wideband calls Summary of Benefits Best-in-class IC cost-effective solution offering high performance voice processing for vehicle hands-free calls Easy system integration: In addition, it enhances man-machine interaction by increasing speech recognition accuracy.

Its distinctive small form factor, low power consumption addresses the challenges faced in designing notebooks. After stages of linear and non-linear processing, spectra signals are then converted back to temporal domain signal by a frequency-to-time mapping engine as clean speech output.

Based on Fortemedia’s advanced beam forming technologies, smartphone users now have the ability ahdio use their phones in a more natural way for both handset and hands-free modes. The four microphone solution adds a mic that faces away from the user and helps further reduce background noise. Thanks to its particularly small size, the iMD can be incorporated into any consumer electronics product, ranging ausio tablets and smart phones to small wearable devices.


Kishore Moturi, pr fortemedia.

The voice processing on FM is designed specifically to meet demanding automotive applications, and contains state-of-the-art algorithms to suppress wind noise, road noise and engine noise commonly encountered in vehicles, while preserving the naturalness of the talker’s voice signals.

December 18th, – Today Fortemedia Inc.

Company Overview

During this time, about portfolio companies have been acquired and another fortwmedia gone public on exchanges around the world. Fortmeedia, the new platform allows for voice tracking in a multiple speaker scenario. With AMAP Fortemedia provides critical communication enhancement functions for mobile devices functions consisting of:.

The net effect is much smoother concurrency operation during VoIP or video call and prolong battery life. In addition, this experience can then be further extended to incorporate Voice Recognition applications for future upcoming connected cars. May 6, – Fortemedia Inc.

Noise Reduction on uplink and downlink signals Full-duplex echo-free communication Multiple-microphone voice processing for improving Voice Commands and Recognition under very noisy conditions Flexible multi-microphone placement support Advanced Microphone Array Processing provides distortion free and natural sounding voice HD voice processing for 4G mobile calls Super-wideband for Voice Recognition Summary of Benefits Best-in-class, mixed-signal ASIC solution offering high performance voice processing for vehicle hands-free calls Easy system integration: It is highly effective in providing: Fortemedia will also be demonstrating key technologies for PC notebook and smartphone markets.

The iMD provides an extremely low power solution for always-on device voice control applications.